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Insider on Affygility Solutions’ new Senior Director of Occupational Toxicology and his role in establishing OEL/PDE monographs

Back in December of 2018 our newest DABT-certified, PhD toxicology member Dr. James Damewood (Jim) joined the Affygility Solutions’ team. In this Potent Compound Corner article, Ashley Calhoun, Social Media Marketing Associate/Event Planner for Affygility Solutions, has a discussion with Jim so you can get to know Affygility Solutions’ toxicology team a little bit better!

Ashley: What inspired you join Affygility Solutions?

Jim: I was very pleased to recently join Affygility Solutions, which offers great opportunities on multiple levels. As an occupational toxicologist interested in the pharmaceutical industry, I’m extremely excited to have a significant world-wide impact protecting worker health in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing space. We have a dynamic, interactive and friendly team of occupational toxicologists that are all focused on delivering high-quality results for our clients all over the globe. Add to this the option that one can work essentially anywhere, it should be easy to see why Affygility Solutions was an attractive choice.

Ashley: Fantastic! Jim, can you tell us a little bit about what is your experience prior to Affygility Solutions?

Jim: Prior to joining Affygility Solutions, I worked for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals as a discovery chemist, manager, and liaison between discovery and pre-clinical toxicology. From there I moved to the Haskell Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology in DuPont, supporting the discovery and development of products that were safe for humans and the environment as both an occupational toxicologist and manager. Part of my role there also involved establishing occupational exposure limits (OEL’s) and permitted daily exposure limits (PDE’s) for compounds of interest to DuPont.

Ashley: What are your current role and duties at Affygility Solutions?

Jim: My current role in Affygility Solutions is Senior Director of Occupational Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene. My primary role is authoring occupational health categorization reports for new chemical entities, establishing occupational exposure limits and health-based exposure limits, also known as acceptable daily exposure or permitted daily exposure limits for both novel and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients. Along with providing direct customer support and assisting in organizing and developing our growing occupational toxicology team. I particularly enjoy mentoring the growth of our junior-level toxicologists. It always feels to me that I get as much out of the interaction as those that I mentor.

Ashley: How do you plan to develop and grow the occupational toxicology team here at Affygility Solutions?

Jim: Affygility Solutions has a great growth record with clients in over 60 different countries and rapidly delivers high-quality OEL/PDE monographs through its OEL Fastrac service. I look forward to increasing our efficiency and throughput even further, growing to being able to address even more of unique issues that the pharmaceutical industry grapples with, and wowing customers with our quality and time to delivery.

Ashley: That’s awesome. Jim, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, and I’m sure that I can speak for the rest of the team, that we all look forward to working with you.

Jim: Thank you Ashley. I look forward to working with you as well.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Affygility Solutions.

Published May 5, 2019

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