Privacy Policy

We take seriously the integrity of our clients' information and their right to privacy.

When we collect your information (for example, when you get in touch with us via our contact form), we'll only collect the minimum we need to provide you service, and will not share your information with third parties.

Affytrac and OEL Fastrac data collection

For Affytrac subscribers/users, we collect email addresses (for unique login identifiers) and names (for visual identification within the system). Client data is retained for historical record purposes when a client deactivates an Affytrac subscription, but please contact us if you wish to have this data permanently expugnged. Affytrac data is never used for marketing purposes or re-used in any way.

We retain a partial record of OEL Fastrac purchases, including names and email addresses. No financial information is retained. OEL Fastrac customers' email addresses may be used for providing monograph update notifications and possible future marketing purposes, but please contact us if you wish your information to be exempted permanently.

Cookie Policy

Our websites and applications may use cookies to enable transactional functions such as maintaining states between page views and visits.

You can choose to opt out of Affytrac cookies for retaining your session information by deselecting the 'Remember me' option on the login page.

Revised Oct 11, 2019