Affygility U

Ambassador Program

Affygility U Ambassador Program is a partnership between college students and Affygility Solutions to help facilitate networking and mutually benefit growth within the toxicology field.

Affygility Solutions provides potent compound safety, occupational toxicology and industrial hygiene services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies around the world. These services are provided to small, mid-size and large pharmaceutical companies in over 65 countries.

Affygility is located within Colorado, United States and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What's the deal on the Program?

Affygility U is a program to help get you connected within your industry *. Upon acceptance you will receive a swag box welcoming you to the family. Once a month there will be virtual meetings which will provide you with the chance to have discussions with others in your field of study and individuals within the work force currently. The program will also provide you with a “buddy” and pair individuals up to help you develop social networking connections.

What does an Ambassador do?

Being a part of the Ambassador program means becoming a part of the marketing team for Affygility. Your duties will include once a month posts on your social media accounts while using the appropriate hashtags and tags. Each month there will be a different theme to discuss. You will also be required to make posts of your swag (an unboxing and you wearing or using the products) as well as various posts about the industry. Each of these items will be outlined later on in your welcome packet.

Am I an good Ambassador candidate?

You are an ideal ambassador candidate if you have a social media account. You are in a Toxicology or Environmental Health program at a University. You are a dedicated hard worker looking to make advances in your degree. You are connected within clubs or other related programs within your school. You are seeking to meet other like-minded individuals within your field. You are ready to take the first steps and become an engaging participant.

Currently we are only accepting United States applicants but check back later for any changes.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! Simply click on the apply now action button and it will direct you to the form. Fill out the form and we will review your application, you can than expect to hear back from us within 5 business days.

If accepted, you will then receive an email of the next steps and be on your way to becoming a part of the Affygility U family!

How do I (the "Ambassador") benefit?

  • Networking with other college students and individuals within the Toxicology and Environmental Health and Safety industry
  • Educational experience of the Toxicology and Environmental Health and Safety field
  • Marketing for business experience
  • Really cool swag

* Is this a paid position? Nope.

Questions? Email us at