News Affygility Solutions Expands Offerings with Virtual Assessments for Potent Compound Safety

February 14, 2022

Affygility Solutions, a global occupational health and safety consulting firm for the life sciences industry, announced the launch of virtual risk assessments for potent compound safety handling and design review for laboratories, pilot plants, manufacturing plants, and packaging and labeling facilities.

“Affygility has an unwavering commitment of providing innovative, technology-based solutions in the life science industry. By leveraging video conferencing tools, our occupational health and safety experts can successfully conduct virtual risk assessments throughout the world,” said Dean Calhoun, CIH, President and Chief Executive Officer of Affygility Solutions. “We help our clients navigate the complex regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.”

With a global presence since 2002, Affygility has a proven track record of supporting toxicology services while complying with complex international regulations including European Medicines Agency (EMA), Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S), Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA), and the World Health Organization (WHO). With Affygility’s longevity in the toxicology industry, the expansion of its service offering reinforces their position as an industry leader.

About Affygility Solutions

Affygility Solutions has been providing occupational health, safety, and toxicology services since 2002 to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies throughout the world. Affygility provides occupational exposure limits and acceptable daily exposure limits for active pharmaceutical ingredients available for instant download through OEL Fastrac. Other services include Virtual Risk Assessments, the Affytrac EHS management tool, potent compound safety and categorization, and genotoxic impurity evaluations. Affygility’s international team is in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.

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