OEL Fastrac+

Elevate quality, minimize risks: a cutting-edge digital subscription solution for the life science industry

OEL Fastrac+ is a cutting-edge digital health based exposure limit (HBEL) database subscription designed to swiftly provide previews of OEL/ADE values, OEB categories, and basis of classifications for the entire catalog (nearly 1,700 reports). This functionality facilitates quicker decisions on new product onboarding, leading to increased revenue. With a user-friendly dashboard, this innovative platform promises to improve toxicology team efficiency, elevate standards, and minimize risks. The HBEL database ensures comprehensive and up-to-date information for users. Certified toxicologists and quality assurance professionals with decades of industry experience prepare each report

What are the benefits of OEL Fastrac+

  • Make informed decisions effortlessly with a preview of key toxicology data elements of entire catalog in an HBEL database
  • OEL/ADE values
  • OEB categories
  • Basis of classifications
  • Facilitate tracking and management with a central repository to organize downloaded OEL/ADE reports within an HBEL database
  • Personalized guidance with onboarding support to maximize success
  • Gain peace of mind with a dedicated account manager who ensures needs are met
  • Support from experienced toxicology team ensuring decisions are based on sound scientific knowledge
  • Reduce time employees spend on tedious research
  • Ensure compliance with EMA, PIC/S, ANVISA and WHO HBEL guidelines
  • Minimize risks
  • Optimize spending
  • Elevate quality standards
  • Increase operational efficiency

Gone are the days of uncertainty about handling a product, potentially wasting time and money on an unnecessary OEL/ADE report. With an OEL Fastrac+ subscription, receive previews of OEL/ADE values, OEB categories, and basis of classifications of nearly 1,700 compounds in a single HBEL database. Subsequently, necessary reports can be downloaded and conveniently maintained and organized in a single repository.

Does Affygility have an experienced staff?

Since 2002, Affygility Solutions has been providing potent compound safety, occupational toxicology and industrial hygiene services to life science companies throughout the world. The team has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and maintains certifications including DABT, ERT and CIH.

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