Message from the CEO

At Affygility Solutions, our vision is simple:

Powered by innovation and speed, Affygility Solutions strives to provide simple and affordable environmental, health and safety solutions to life science customers everywhere.

No matter what services or solutions we may offer, we are driven to provide solutions that are simple to use, easy to communicate, and affordable for our customers. Being "simple" does not mean that the underlying technology is not advanced, that the scientific concepts are not challenging, or that the solutions are not well thought-out, being "simple" means that we are constantly striving to leverage technology to make our customer’s life easier and more effective; not more difficult or complex. It also means that our solutions should be accessible anytime or anywhere.

As I look back at the growth of Affygility Solutions over the past several years, I’m extremely proud of what we as an organization have achieved. Affygility Solutions has grown from a single-person, home-based business that served customers in primarily Colorado to a Company with customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. During this same time new innovations have occurred that are changing the way you work and how we connect with our customers, peers, and colleagues. We are excited about being on the leading edge of these innovations.

I invite you to review our website and get to know Affygility Solutions. Explore our Project Profiles section to see how our solutions have exceeded our clients’ expectations and added value to their operations. Please return to our site frequently, it is constantly being updated to provide you with the most current information and continue to provide feedback on how we can assist you if solving your most difficult environmental, health and safety challenges. If you have any questions, comments, or requests about Affygility Solutions please feel free to personally contact me at

Best regards,

Affygility Solutions

Dean M Calhoun, CIH

Dean M. Calhoun, CIH

President and CEO