Company History

Affygility Solutions was founded by Dean M. Calhoun, CIH in 2002 as a privately held consulting firm that specialized in environmental, health, and safety consulting for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The initial office for Affygility Solutions was located in the Founders’ home in Broomfield, Colorado.

The early focus of Affygility Solutions was based on completing environmental, health, and safety projects for local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Colorado. From these early projects emerged the need for a simple and affordable tool for managing EHS requirements in the life science industry. Hence, in 2003, Affytrac was created as the only environmental, health and safety management tool designed specifically for the life science industry.

In June of 2004, due to expanding business growth, Affygility Solutions acquired office space in Lafayette, Colorado.

In 2004, the early version of Affytrac was based on a Lotus Notes platform that required installation on the client’s servers. Due to the inherent challenges of upgrading Affytrac installations on each client’s servers, in September 2004, the decision was made to move Affytrac from a client server system to a system that was accessed via the web.

In October of 2007, after several years of performing as a sub-contractor, Affygility Solutions hired Curtis Beery as its first Chief Technology Officer.

In July of 2007, the management team at Affygility Solutions recognized the potential growth and improvements in web-based training tools and conferencing. Affygility Solutions also saw that with a declining economy and the tightening of travel and training budgets that there was a real need to develop an convenient and affordable means to obtain EHS training specific to the life science industry. So after a month of development, in September 2007, Affygility Solutions delivered its first Advanced Topics in Potent Compound series of webinars.

During this same period of time, many advances in terms of functionality and security occurred in web-based application development, so in November 2008, after a year of development, Affytrac based on a Ruby on Rails platform was deployed. This switch to a Rails platform positioned Affytrac for large-scale, enterprise-wide deployment and to this day remains the current platform.

Today, Affygility Solutions is poised for even greater growth. Affygility Solutions has successfully implemented the Affytrac EHS management tool for companies located across the United States and in Europe. While there has been a significant amount of effort placed on Affytrac, Affygility Solutions continues to provide potent compound safety, occupational toxicology, industrial hygiene, training, and containment validation and surrogate monitoring services to its clients. Affygility Solutions also remains focused on its mission of providing simple and affordable solutions to life science companies everywhere.