Potent Compounds

Potent Compound tracking allows ease of tracking of compounds in development and currently manufactured. Track the stage of development, therapeutic indication, facilities where the material is used, potent compound classification, and more.

Sensitive information can be marked for privacy, visible to no one but the author. Optional email notifications keep colleagues informed of compound status changes.

Attach documents such as potent compound categorization and classification reports, control banding placement document, OEL monographs, material safety data sheets, industrial hygiene reports, etc.

Save valuable time and effectively communicate important information by having all your important potent compound information in one place. No more searching around files or old emails for that important document.

Ensure that critical environmental health and safety information is accessible by all team members. Contact us today for a demo.

Potent Compound features

  • Central repository of your potent compound materials
  • Organize by development stage, category, primary indication and more
  • Privacy option safeguards sensitive information
  • Email notification option keeps staff informed of changes