Corrective Actions

Corrective Action software you can trust

Failure to correctly identify hazards and areas of non-compliance presents a significant liability. With Corrective Action tracking you can document and track corrective actions identified through accidents, incidents, safety committees, regulatory inspections, and risk assessments. Now with the new corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) feature enabled, companies can identify an action as either a corrective, preventative, or effectiveness verification. This optional feature is to assist those companies seeking ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 certification.

With Affytrac, you can record all identified issues, the suggested action, priority, timeline and more. Responsible persons complete the actions by recording the actual implemented solution, optionally attaching images, documents, and any other supporting documentation.

All activity is documented for review and is fully searchable. Complex issues with multiple corrective actions and responsible parties are fully logged and trackable.

In addition to viewing your corrective actions in your desktop web browser, access your actions on the go, anywhere, with Affytrac mobile access.

Affytrac has been successfully implemented at pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies throughout the United States and Europe. Implementation is rapid and in most cases less than a week. Get started today and request a demo.

Corrective Action features

  • Single repository for all corrective action activities
  • Assign responsibility and set priority on newly identified actions
  • Email notifications keep responsible parties informed
  • Define multiple actions for individual issues
  • Attach photos, diagrams, reports and other documents as supporting documentation
  • Optional CAPA support