Risk Assessments

Qualitative Exposure Assessments made easy

Qualitative exposure assessments are often used by industrial hygienists and other occupational health professional as a means of assisting their organization in identifying and prioritizing areas of potential occupational exposure risk. In addition, qualitative exposure assessments are used to identify industrial hygiene monitoring needs and identify areas of unacceptable risk.

As the newest module to the Affytrac EHS management system, this module offers the following benefits:

  • Web-based. Perform qualitative exposure assessments on a wide variety of desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.
  • Easily configure parameters to fit your organization’s specific control banding system.
  • Create a library of the engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment specific to your company.
  • Easily identify areas of unacceptable risk, where additional controls may be required prior to any industrial hygiene monitoring.
  • Easily prioritize occupational exposure risks and industrial hygiene monitoring needs.

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Risk Assessment features

  • Web-based support for multiple devices
  • Fully configurable for a variety of banding schemes
  • Customize risk weighting factors
  • Add site-specific engineering controls