Training Introduction to Potent Compounds

This 29-minute, visually-rich video is designed to provide laboratory and pharmaceutical manufacturing employees with an overview of potent compound safety principles.

At the end of this training video, participants will be able to:

  • Describe a potent compound and provide relevant examples
  • Explain why they should care and discuss how poor practices and inadequate controls can adversely affect employee health and company operations
  • Explain basic control banding principles and the differences in various banding schemes and categorization criteria
  • Describe how occupational exposures to active pharmaceutical ingredients can be controlled through the use of administrative, personal protective equipment, and engineering controls
  • Discuss a variety of case histories involving exposures to active pharmaceutical ingredients, ranging from small scale laboratory activities to large scale manufacturing environments.

This video can be easily used for new-employee orientation or for refresher training for existing employees, and is available for immediate download for $449 USD.