About Us

Since 2002, Affygility Solutions has provided occupational health and safety services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry. We’ve grown from a small consulting company to serving over 800 clients in 75+ countries. Affygility has a proven track record of providing industry-leading toxicology services worldwide. Our services provide rapid results and are high-quality. Affygility Solutions focuses on its mission of providing simple and affordable solutions to life science companies everywhere.

Affygility provides a broad range of occupational health and safety consulting services to the life science industry.

  • OEL Fastrac (Occupational exposure limit) is the award-winning digital platform for providing OEL, ADE (PDE) monographs to the pharmaceutical industry. With OEL Fastrac you can instantly download OEL, ADE (PDE) and natural health products (NHP) monographs from our catalog that has nearly 2,500 compounds.
  • Occupational Health Categorization (OHC reports) the categorization and placement of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) into control bands.
  • Safety Data sheets formerly known as material safety data sheets (MSDS), used in the accurate determination and communication of potential hazards of the material being handled.
  • Custom OEL/ADE monographs for proprietary compounds.
  • Affytrac is a secure EHS management tool that is a web-based software to automate your environmental health and safety (EHS) program
  • Online training seminars to avoid the hassle, time and expenses of traditional location-based training.
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring for active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Risk assessments for potent compound safety handling and design review.

We’ve provided these services to small, mid-size and large companies throughout the world.

All the occupational health and safety professionals at Affygility Solutions have many years of professional and hands-on life science industry experience. Selecting a partner with certified toxicologists gives you the confidence you’re receiving quality occupational exposure limits (OEL) and permitted daily exposure (PDE) monographs. At Affygility Solutions, our quality-driven process begins with an experienced team. Each monograph is prepared by certified toxicologists, including DABTs and ERTs, with decades of pharmaceutical industry experience.

Affygility’s OEL Fastrac is a CPhI award-winning web-based ordering platform that offers a self-service ordering system that makes ordering simple and saves you time and money. Our OEL / PDE monographs comply with international regulations and are widely accepted by European Medicines Agency (EMA), Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S), World Health Organization (WHO) and Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) authorities.

Affygility Solutions headquarters is in Broomfield, Colorado, just 30 minutes from Denver International Airport. Affygility’s international team is located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. With employees around the world, Affygility can assist clients through navigating complex international regulations around the clock.